What My Garage Wanted From Us

Contacting us in 2014 Swoop Motorsports wanted to create a social network for the motorsports community. They had the concept for a motorsports focused social network for Gear Heads everywhere and asked Aspen App Design help them bring their vision to life.

The Result Great results on this project was just the beginning

Our Android, iPhone and iPad mobile application and custom back office development project for My Garage was a success; helping Swoop get the apps they wanted which allowed them to build a rapidly growing community made up of motorsports enthusiasts.

A key feature of the apps is the My Garage sections that allows for users to showcase the vehicles in their garage. The apps allow for not only the community aspect of social networks but include functionality for users to be able to buy or sell cars, boats and equipment via classified style listings. The apps met with a great deal of enthusiasm right off the line and rapidly grew to a community of over 20,000 users in just a few short months.

We're continuing to deliver exceptional projects for My Garage

Since My Garage’s release, Swoop has asked us to add to the apps to help better meet the needs of their user base, including adding the Gear Heads section where users can rapidly connect with other users. Beyond that Swoop has been adding to the app to help users connect with suppliers in the motorsports community with Business Pages that allow businesses to showcase their products to users.

The My Garage community is a perfect example of how Aspen App Design can build a set of applications to help a user build a successful community within a niche market.