Bluetooth Low Energy App Development is red hot right now.
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  • Highly experienced at evaluating business requirements
  • Industry best practices
  • Ability to ensure that the highest standards are met
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Bluetooth Low Energy is built specifically to consume small amounts of energy and make batteries last longer. We find Bluetooth 4.0 on more devices on the market today than NFC chips and are already starting to see retailers that utilize i-Beacons and other tech friendly solutions differentiating themselves amongst millennials and other tech savvy market demographics.

As a top iOS and Android developer, we are highly experienced at evaluating business requirements, processes and strategic goals to help you create a development path for your Bluetooth low energy application. Our team of experts utilize industry best practices to ensure the highest standards are met.

With 2.9Billion BLE devices expected to ship during 2016 (ABI Research), this is an area of great opportunity for savvy businesses. Bluetooth Low Energy App Development is a market that is already opening up many doors of innovation.

This is one of the most exciting areas of opportunity for businesses to enhance their mobile apps.


iBeacons is an iOS feature that utilizes BLE to allow the device to interact with other beacons. A beacon can either be an iOS device or a third-party beacon (available from PayPal, etc). Third-party beacons can be utilized by businesses to send information to iOS devices or help track loyalty when a user is in range. iBeacons also make location tracking more accurate and possible indoors.

Connected Devices

There are a wide range of devices such as Google Glass, Samsung Gear, etc that utilize BLE to connect to a host device. BLE is being used in everything from heath monitors to home automation to home entertainment or even wireless door locks. Bluetooth Low Energy is one of the primary technologies used in building ‘The Internet of Everything’. Aspen App Design can expertly guide you on your Bluetooth low energy application development project and provide the design and development to help you succeed.

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